Living in the digital moment

Social media has made us available for each other, 24 hours of the day. Some of us don’t stop and think about how social media have shifted lives (drama, yes!).  What we need to do, is to reclaim the moment and essentially take back our own space. Our own digital space.

Reclaim the moment with Big Red Stop

Before we go any further, I have to let you in on a not so secret secret. My friends Chris and Stephen made the app and came up with this concept. Still interested in reclaiming your own time? Read on.

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Google Analytics – If You Are A Front End Developer

I’ve had the pleasure to speak and spend a whole day with future Front End Developers at a school here in Stockholm, Sweden. My topic was web analytics and the whole day was focused on getting familiar with Google Analytics.

Web Analytics presentation for Front End Developers
I’m always keen on getting focused on what the attendants do for work or, as in this case, what they WILL do for work so I can match reports and functions with daily workflows. This is some of the reports in Google Analytics I feel a Front End Developer should know and experiment with.

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Understanding Your Content With Google Analytics

Understanding your content with Google Analytics is part two of The Photographers Guide to Google Analytics. Photographers should invest some time and set up Google Analytics the right way, for their portfolio and blogs which we touched in part one. As an amateur photographer I want to know how my photos are performing, what people like and which of my photos that they interact with, and that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

Understanding your audience

Google Analytics can give us a lot of valuable information about our audience. The first steps must be the Mobile report, Audience > Mobile > Overview, where we can find out which devices our visitors are using. The overview will show us desktop, mobile and tablet visitors. If you want to get all nitty gritty, have a look at Devices. The key thing here is to make sure your website works on all devices. Since Google started to premiere mobile friendly content for mobile searchers, this is even more important than last month.

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The Photographers Guide To Google Analytics

Photographers should invest some time and set up Google Analytics the right way, for their portfolio and blogs. As an amateur photographer I want to know how my photos are performing, what people like and which of my photos that they interact with. If I was looking for gigs, I would like to get any kind of leads and measure how well I’m marketing my photography business. That is why I put together The Photographers Guide To Google Analytics.

Photographers Guide To Google Analytics

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Google Tag Manager Help Center Videos

Now it is time for some fun YouTube time, kids. Let’s sit back and enjoy these Google Tag Manager Help Center Videos. Let us start with learning how accounts are organized and what containers, tags, triggers, and variables are.

Next video covers Google Tag Manager account setup strategy, from managing accounts for websites and applications to managing user accounts and permissions:

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Google Analytics Views (Best Practice)

How should you structure your Google Analytics account? We have all heard it a million times when it comes to AdWords accounts and ads – but Analytics? And why should you care? Because it could save you potential headaches and, the best part, makes implementations and debugging a walk in the park. Let me break down how Google Analytics Views should be set up.

Google Analytics Views Best Practice

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Filter out bots and spiders

I love Google Analytics. It is my favorite weapon when it comes to measuring success and knowing what is going on with my clients websites. But there is one thing that keeps on destroying my, yes my, data. Bad bots and stupid spiders. If you’re using Google Analytics you should log in to your account right now and navigate to Administration followed by Reporting View Settings.

Filter out bots and spiders in Google Analytics

Check the Bot Filtering box which enables Google Analytics to exclude all hits from known bots and spiders. BOOM!

I’m not saying that this is a perfect solution. There is a lot of bots and spiders messing up a lot of peoples data and we need to take action before our ones and zeros turns into soup (no one likes soup – unless it is a steak called soup). After enabling Bot Filtering, review you referrals. If you see bad bots or stupid spiders skewing your data, it is time to make some neat segments that you can use when you’re looking at historical data.

In A Content Economy the Real-Time Analysts Win

2013 was the year of the real-time analysts. Analysts making the content economy move forward from the digital sphere of awareness and social awkwardness. Thanks to savvy growth hackers our content marketing selfs turned the content economy upside down on its head.


The Content Marketer meme

Buzzwords exist with the sole purpose of intimidation. Or better yet, to make people outside of our own business or field of knowledge feel small. Make us stronger, wiser, more advanced and, hopefully one day, thought leaders for a buzzword.

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