We keep calling it digital

Our digital marketing strategy is… Our digital audience is moving towards… Brand X just launched a digital magazine…

Just stop it.

Paint a wall with spongebob. That's good ROI

I’m telling myself to stop calling it digital. It’s 2014 and everything is digital. If it is not, it is furniture, buildings or food. The rest should pretty much be online and connected. Made available.

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In A Content Economy the Real-Time Analysts Win

The Content Marketer meme

2013 was the year of the real-time analysts. Analysts making the content economy move forward from the digital sphere of awareness and social awkwardness. Thanks to savvy growth hackers our content marketing selfs turned the content economy upside down on its head. Or… Buzzwords exist with the sole purpose of intimidation. Or better yet, to […]

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Check Your GATC with Screaming Frog

Use Screaming Frog to verify your Google Analytics implementation

Screaming Frog is a very handy tool that I use for multiple purposes. One of them is verifying if the Google Analytics Tracking Code, or GATC, is properly installed on the website I’m working with. Let’s go through how with a couple of easy steps.

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SlideShare Profile Views with StatCounter

SlideShare profile views for free with StatCounter

It’s fun to measure things. The downside is that people and services know that we like to measure things and, therefore, they want to charge us for every small bit of data we would like to collect. And as we are a curious kind, mankind, we want to measure and learn from every aspect of […]

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Searchmetrics Free SEO Suite

Searchmetrics SEO Suite

I’ve been working with the Searchmetrics Suite for over a year now. There are a lot of SEO tools and services online, but Searchmetrics have been one of the few I really liked and then spent time working with. For an SEO, the Suite is really good. I want to show you the features that […]

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Push Your Ads Live (Already)!

Google AdWords campaigns

Today I’m down in Helsingborg (Sweden). I’ve been speaking about Google AdWords and Facebook Ads at Mindpark for about 30 companies from my point of view when it comes to search engine marketing: Just push your ads live already. Before you get me all wrong and start ranting about how it takes a minute to […]

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Why I’m never going to grow my followers count

Twitter users and follwing back

I love social media. It enables me to connect with industry peers, find new interesting connections and keep up with, pretty much, life in general. But I don’t understand this whole follow me – follow you – follow back – thing we’ve got going on. I got fed up with the discussion of the most […]

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SEO’s about answering the right questions and helping people

Answering questions and helping people

Is SEO a good career choice as of late 2013? I would say so. SEO is still very important and more brands understand that they need to be digital if they want to succeed. I see a shift where, before, marketing teams had one or two “digital marketers” and now it’s getting more and more […]

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Is Google Analytics implemented on this page?

Google Analytics Helper - is GA implemented?

Google Analytics is implemented on this page, but on yours? On your clients? There is numerous ways you can go about to verify if a page or a complete website have implemented Google Analytics. This is the short and easy one page at a time way.

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Alternatives to Google Reader

Opened post in Feedly

There must be at least a couple of good alternatives to Google Reader, right? Well, yes and no. On the 1st of July Google Reader will shut down it’s services and prior to this, you must migrate your subscriptions to a new service. Friends of mine talk a lot about Feedly, and I’ve given it […]

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